Joints are meant to move but sometimes they can get “stuck.” This is called vertebral subluxation complex or VSC.

What might cause my horse to have a  vertebral subluxation complex (VSC)?

  • Saddle
  • Transportation/trailering
  • Birthing Process
  • Trauma- slips, trips and falls
  • Activities/animal’s job (jumping, racing, harness /carriage driving, dressage, lesson horse etc)
  • Rider
  • Age
  • Confinement
  • Surgery/history of surgery
  • Poor hoof care

Does my horse need a chiropractor?

Here are some signs that your horse may have a VSC.

  • Swishing of tail
  • Poor performance
  • Poor engagement of hind end
  • Flattening ears
  • Pinning ears when being saddled
  • Baulking at commands
  • Shortened stride
  • Bending is asymmetric from side to side
  • Range of motion is decreased
  • Undefined lameness
  • Stiffness when the horse first leaves the stall
  • Difficulty flexing poll
  • Horse wants to pull on one rein
  • Abnormal gait rhythm
  • Gait irregularity that can’t be pointed to one leg or particular gait
  • Sensitive to touch
  • Hard time collecting