What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a healthcare profession that works with the musculoskeletal system and nervous system to help in the restoration and maintenance of health. It is a manual therapy that uses specific vertebral adjustments and manipulations. Chiropractic is a conservative care service that does not use drugs or surgery. Chiropractic deals primarily with neuromusculoskeletal complaints and biomechanical imbalances/dysfunction.

What does an Animal Chiropractor do?

An animal chiropractor helps restore motion to the joints of the spine to help the nervous system function better. Joints are meant to move but sometimes they can get “stuck.” This is called vertebral subluxation complex or VSC. A chiropractor looks for VSCs and through specific adjustments helps to restore motion to these areas to help maximize the efficiency of the nervous system/ body whatever level of efficiency that may be. Animal chiropractic treatment complements but does not replace medical veterinary treatment.


What are compensatory problems?

No one likes pain. Both people and animals will lean away from pain. If something hurts, instinctively the body moves away from it or works around it to avoid the unpleasant sensation; however, by doing this, the body starts to develop compensatory patterns. The compensatory patterns start to alter the biomechanics thus allowing VSCs to occur. When joints don’t move properly, the nervous system is being affected.


Animal chiropractic care can help maintain or improve:

Your pet's range of motion and flexibility
Efficiency of the nervous system
Proper posture
Longevity of the spine
Balance and symmetry of the biomechanics
Weight distribution from side to side
And help keep your pet happy and healthy.

Equine / Horse

Equine spines are some of the hardest working of the animal kingdom. Help your horse get back in the saddle again.

Canine / Dog

Man's best friend shares his journey, and sometimes his joint pain! Let's get your good dog feeling better.

Feline / Cat

Has your cat gone from cuddly to cranky? Adjusting spines can adjust attitudes too!

Next Steps...

Each animal has unique needs. Contact Dr. Sara to discuss what's going on with your zoological friend and schedule an appointment.